What the hell is Be Headed For Greatness?  

Well, it is many things... but simply put, It is my brain child... A goofy looking little guy.  

Although most tangibly, it is a band.  A group formed a couple years back with my dear friends Fuzz and Dale... Noises that had been in my head for many years and finally put to permanency last summer.  

Be Headed For Greatness is also a belief... that greatness is a great place to be headed.

It is this website; an internet jungle gym for my words and sounds and images to take flight... a place to share my expression and vulnerability with no attempt at commercial or financial or social gain... It is a place for me to share unabashedly and invite you, my friends, to play around inside my mind for a bit... it is a bit hectic and overwhelming and intense in here sometimes, so this is my answer... to open the doors.  To welcome you in... to celebrate creation in all forms and modes and moods. To strip off the judgements and embrace the naked mind.  

INSIGHTS:  My blog. The intention here is to choose a theme and speak vulnerably from my own perception and experience.  

POEMS:  This started as an extension from my morning journaling.  I challenged myself back in February to start writing a poem a day.  With a few exceptions i have honored my commitment and will continue to post my daily poems on a regular basis.  

COLORINGS:  I am no longer creating escape clauses in my life... something i have always done to play it safe.  Most of which led with the line "i'm not a..."  Singer was always one of those... Artist was another... it was a great way to get off the hook... to bury myself before others could even reach for the shovel... well, today i'm a painter...  and a drawer (there is no way that can be the right word).  But i'm that too.  So here are some of my paintings and drawings and doodlings (and that is definitely the right word)  

VIDEOS:  Not limited to, but for now, a collection of my ukulele recordings... dating all the way back to my very first song i ever wrote on the Uke in 2009.  For films and reels please visit Brettfleisher.com

And with that... i welcome you!! I suggest you enter into this world as you would a playground rather than a performance, it will be more fun i promise.   May you laugh and cry and be inspired, and may you always now and forever... Be Headed For Greatness!!! 

Pan Blanco
Deep Breath
Cheetah Whore
Bam Bam