A fresh panic

Oh joy

To delight in the lack of control

The command center flashing brilliant warnings

Illuminating the dark panels with vibrant electricity 

The pulse which sends shivers through spinal tunnels

Charging like the dark knight into pregnant homes

The sparks of conflagrations wave the banner of mutiny

Lethargy bombarded by a crude awakening

The troops wake and rally for one final hoorah



Inside the drift

No turning back

Put out the lights

On polite temptations

Reel in the spell 

You've conjured secretively 

In trepid hours

With waning patience

Look not towards the haze

But expel this broken anger

Into the misty dreamscape

Where happiness soundly sleeps


Come home

Come home dear child

And receive my love

I am now in a place

To offer it to you unconditionally

It breaks my heart

To see you carry around the sadness of this world

And to shrink inside a vacuum of fear

That doesn't belong to you

I hope my trust can be mended

And that you will remember our home is shared

I promise to keep the fire warm

And the water pure for your return

I will be patient and love you

Even if you don't heed the call

I love you for being so brave

For being so sensitive

For being alive and a blessing of this earth


Come on you beating heart

Play us a new syncopation

We're getting tired of this pace

You are wearing us down

The excitement has lost its edge

And has been stripped to a raw nerve

It is a maniacal demand on the rest of us to chase you down

It is time to strip you of your leadership

We miss the collaborative jams of unanticipated travel

And we ask that you once again insert yourself into our communal exchange

And simply provide us with the sufficient rhythm so that we may march in unison 


Oh how i want to keep you hidden

Locked inside a devious coronation

Isolated from all potential outbreak

And quarantined inside my chest

Yet your escape is as inevitable 

As my secret wish to set you free

To unburden myself from your incessant cravings

And break all the agreements i made to those i promised to protect

No longer can i muster the enthusiasm

To walk the disciples path in faithful servitude

With you sounding off like a timeless bomb

And threatening to expose me at long last


Lay that gavel down Big Judge

The hierarchal throne from which you cast your judgment

Offers you only a singular perspective

A skewed vantage point from on high

Descend from your cushioned bench

Which is numbing your senses

And level your gaze back in this earthly realm

Meet me amist the chaos of

Dreams... Ambitions... Expectations... Fears

And then handle your gavel from here

Look deep into my eyes

And hear the changing resonance of your sentencing 


It is with great honor that i call myself your son

With great humility that my reflection to the world is cast from your glow

With great reverence that I embody your strength and leadership and wisdom

With great joy that i am able to join you on so many adventures

With great gratitude that i am the recipient of your love and support

With great humor that we can navigate the perils of filmmaking together

With great compassion that I am here to listen to your struggles and trials and growth

And with the greatest pride that I call you Mom


The remnants of fallen tears

Form a cantankerous coalition

A regiment of reincarnates

Created to abolish the memory blockers

That have formed to implement the old oppressions

With strength this fluid faction

Grows in number with every salty drop 

And breaks down the barricade with loving pressure

So let your tears fall

And join the revolution



I will prove to you how worthy i am 

"But i already love you" you say

And set out to do the impossible

"But i already love you" you say

And vanquish all my enemies 

"But i already love you" you say

And become a great success

"But i already love you" you say

And grow and change and improve

"But i already love you" you say

And i will win your love for me

"But... nevermind" you say



An inch closer 

But the target pushes back with every step


Right there

In between the breath

A freeze frame in motion

And it's yours

All yours

That is the beauty of the moment

It belongs to you

Or rather you belong to it

You are the photographer and the subject

The creator and the creation

And you are the sole audience

For the universe's masterpiece

What a privilege

Don't forget to applaud


Break Everything

Your glassy perceptions


The shield around your heart


Old habits that no longer serve


The limitations of your mind


Your attachments to pain, to death, to life

Smash Smash Smash

Oil your instrument with love 

And take some wild swings

Break down the barriers

And smash your way back to the beginning


Without your integrity holstered to your hip

You aimlessly shuffle between self sabotage and energetic manipulation

Your power significantly diminishing with every half truth that unspools its battered thread

Projecting outwards this coward's hurtful remorse from unintended wrong doing

Your victim-fueled rage spirals into a vortex or repetitive polygons

Pulsing stagnantly in a predatory web

Time to check your holster and regain self mastery through re-integration


Dig out the drama and bake it in the stars

While you grease the inflammatory prize-wheel of celestial dominance

Newly formed patterns emerging inside waves of invisible sensation

Hammer out the dogmatic details of your destiny

And yet there you sit

Stunned into a paralytic fog of complacency

Blind to the ever-shifting state of your own miraculous evolution


It's in there you know

Maybe its time to just trust me

And accept that what you are looking for so desperately

Is already within you

It is only new-age bullshit

If you keep averting your eyes to the truth

But you know it as well as I do

That the health and clarity and wisdom

And love and guidance and patience

And maturity and union and harmony

And forgiveness and worth and peace

That you are looking for

Already knows it's home

You just have to walk inside

And face the consequence of owning those qualities

I think you are ready

How about you?



I miss people greatly

What a luxury they once were

But the world has moved on 

And an undervalued commodity such as touch

Has faded into the background of non necessities

And look how we flourish

And thrive inside our skulls

While our hearts have modeled the crustaceans

And crawled silently away seeking new homes

But what was never known 

Can never be lost

And i curse this memory 

For holding onto such distant happiness

And I curse myself for the joys

Which now cause me pain



Targeted by a feeling

Of unnamed importance

The moment is an elusive butterfly

Landing just softly enough for a stolen glance

The coffin smell of anticipation

Births a tiny insight into this black box of petrified dreams

And the magic contained in borderless parameters

Seeps into the cracked hearts

Of those who share the courageous desire 

To sit silently with the unknown 


Who am i to grant you freedom

To be your gate keeper

Who am i to keep you to myself

To selfishly lock the door

I keep you safe in a guise

Of keeping you for as long as i can 

Afraid that at any moment

You may make the choice not to return

I put on the noble air of protector

But am truly afraid of being left alone

I hope my fear does not diminish my love 

And that you will forgive me my faults 


Drop in and feel it

Feel it so deeply you stop thinking

Feel it vibrate its message to you 

And only respond by feeling it

By knowing this is your power

This is your communication 

This is love

And this is truth

This vibration is the very essence

Of what you spend so much time avoiding

Embrace it

Listen to it

Be it 

And allow it to resonate

Its purity through you 


I have slipped and fallen into my TV

I hope i never return

From the panoramic dream of images

I love the people i meet here

I love their worlds 

So safe and contained and without consequence 

Yes they are all so desperate to sell me on their lives

And i am a willing buyer with money to spend

As long as they keep me in their grasp

That is the deal

They must hold my attention

And keep it off myself as long as they can 

And i will gladly give them my time