I am

I am the truth i hide within myself

I am the love that baits with me with many disguises

I am the object that is lost

And the space that contains itself

I am constantly failing at living the illusionary life

Yet i am growing towards the light of the sun

I am shedding this persona this mask

And i am revealing my true face 

I am everything i'm working so hard at becoming

And I am beautiful as I am 


Hello you women

All of you out there 

With your scrumptious figures

And aromatic hair

I want all of your bodies

To merge with my own

Like one giant puddy

Sticking out of bone

I want us to form

A huge human wheel

With me stuck in the middle

Like a fish on a reel

I want to be smothered

And drown in your breasts

And get crushed by the weight

Of love on your chest



Angelic Glow on Dante's Thrown

Peaceful sits and quiet fix

Words become you in so many ways

Shed the light from your molting flesh

Kiss the cauldron with painted lips

Season this love with tiny sprinkles

And march into yourself with no false steps

Skip the superfluous suffering

And come back to your breath

Your energy flows freely only with permission

Embody this realm with a smile 

For it is only now that lasts forever


It is perfection that you seek 

That is always out of reach

A tantalizing drug that will fill you

With the ultimate sense of completion

But a drug never lasts forever

And the withdrawal will break you down

And have you begging for one more sip

Of that which you can no longer taste

It is all a grand illusion

Meant to keep you safe in your stories

That are all so familiar

But you are stuck in one book 

And refuse to lift your head

To see an entire library of vastly new possibilities

So thank the good words

And with no great drama

Quietly shut the covers

And browse for that which is new and untold


I never knew what gratitude looked like

Until i saw it reflected in your eyes

Until i felt the reception of one tiny act of love

A gift so benign i didn't think it had a name

Only the intention of making you happy

Who knew the secret of life came so naturally

No drama or technique

No philosophy or academia

All it takes is that one tiny act of love

And to recognize the gratitude in it's reflection

To bring it into your heart

And see that you are the one that is blessed


The sun peaks onto your sorrow

And casts your shadow's shadow 

Into a new and exposing light

How quickly it tries to scamper into disappearance

But it is trapped by a new and inspired resolution

You no longer turn blindly away from the darkness

But rather stand quite motionless 

Allowing yourself to become engulfed In that

Which secretly teaches you through ghastly facades

You bathe in this surrender

As death responds to your invitation

Bringing you the one gift you have feared most



When is the last time you let

Your inner child know you love them?

Have you hugged him or her today?

Have you given them encouragement to love?

Permission to play and run free?

Now is the time stop in and say hi

To squeeze them tight and apologize 

For letting them be alone for so long

You are not forgotten wee one

You are so loved in this moment

You are perfect and there has never ever

Been anything wrong with you

Today i accept you fully 

I cherish the unconditional love you possess

And i am here for you

All the way

Let's go hug those who need it

And make them happy just for fun 


Miss Sally Ann wanted a man

But didn't know where to find one

She looked in the stores and down by the shore

But they all seemed stuck on an island

She passed through the fog and called from the smog

But she didn't sound off like a siren

So silent and still she crept up a hill

In hopes to catch one that was wild

She baited her breath then cast out her net

But didn't luck out in the trial

So sad and alone she traveled back home

And waited for fate to revive her 


One tiny footprint towards intimacy

And mountains melt into the sea

My heart softens into your radiant being

And love takes on a tangible form

No longer an esoteric anomaly

Your scent so sweet it brings me tears

On rolling waves of ecstacy

I find myself in you

And the self loses me in this perfect harmony

Our low purrs of arousal

Are the luminous voices of secret gods

The need for containment explodes

into an old relic 

While the energetic impulse of creation

Swirls into an unending gateway of erotic pleasures

And as we travel in and beyond

The doors to the eternal moment fling wide open


The ridicule of deserted pages 

Echoes haunting laughter in unseen corners

At each turn a new shadow casts

Its rancid illusion against the wall


I'm tired of trying so hard 

To impress your ghost now that you're gone

I wish i could find peace

But all i see is terror in my own eyes


How can i be so afraid of losing someone i don't have?

So afraid of being someone i've already become?

And what if it doesn't get easier?

What then?

Is it really worth the suffering? 

And is giving up really so awful?


I don't want the answers

What i want is silence


Always take your shot

Not the right one

The smart one

The sure one

Your shot

The one you dream of

The one you see a thousand times in your mind

The one beyond rejection

Beyond praise or failure

The one no one else will take

Take it every day

And don't wait for it to come

Only you can create the opportunity

And when it comes

Take your shot

Then close your eyes and smile

For you have already won


Oh I'm sorry

Did you want me to apologize?

Well sorry sister

That ain't happenin today

I'm fresh out of sorries

Shit out of shames

Got a big ol' bag of Hop on Boards

If you wanna take a ride

Cause there is no reverse lever

I broke that fucker off

Only one direction i'm heading

And it's all pointing to where you can't see

So giddy on up and pack light

Or scoot your ass off cause I'm moving fast

And no baggage on board

Is worth the weight

You can bitch once if you dare

But this is a no tolerance train

And that little boy push toy

Now wears a cowboy grin

So expect a boulder where pebbles once lay

And to be treated like every other passenger 

On this no fucks given no sorries train!


A skipped moment

Hardly recognized but intensely felt

Sheer thoughts of wanting it back

Aligns yourself for the next skipped moment

A vicious cycle

Of such blinded focus

The maze walls grow transparent

And conjure up ill omens

A lonely desire

Fills each unconscious footstep 

Tracklessly leaving clues

For yourself to pass over

A haunted feeling 

That this will always end

Lingers on forever

Within the hollows of your mind


Sadness travels in dewy raindrops

Splashing merrily on soft soil

It carries an aroma of past regrets

Tickling your senses seductively

It laughs heartily at your resistance

And blows apart your fortified walls with gentle breath

Dripping into the earth it composts the land

And builds better bacteria for stunted growth

It's friendly visit is never welcomed

And yet it doesn't despair but dutifully completes its service

It is patient and buries it's belief

That you will one day open the doors 

And invite it in fro some tea and warmth


Give all your value to appearance 

And your pockets will be empty 

By the time you get inside

And then what can you afford

But broken promises of crumpled IOU's

And it is not your fault little birdie

That your true gifts are passed over

By the beauty of your breast

Keep on singing your song of love

And trust that it won't fall on deaf ears

For there is a being out there

Who will not succumb to the subterfuge of looks

And will receive your song into their heart

And bless your entire existence

With one loving inhale



Today i envision the greatest version of myself

A man deeply rooted in his loving essence

Grounded in true ownership of his gifts and purpose

A man whose impact is on no scale

But hits home to every heart he comes to meet

A man who holds infinite space for all his troubles

And dances with pure abandon in service to love

I see a man who is healthy and vibrant 

Who inspires everyone just by his inner-present smile

I see a man not absent of fear

But no longer ruled or governed by any excessive energy outside himself

I see a father

A master lover

A true friend

I see a man humbled by life's endless treasures

I see a man embracing the spirit of his inner child

But shed of all the juvenile wounding

I see this man knocking on the door and inviting me in